Franglish, the language exchange event. Improve your French and/or Spanish while connecting with foreigners in the best venues across London.

A Lady in London


Lady Speaks Franglish

We’re in a crowded room. Everyone is speaking French, and I’m a bit nervous. Like most Americans and Brits, I grew up learning languages at school, but I don’t use them much when I’m not traveling. I take a deep breath, and I join in. After all, I’m at the Institut Francais in South Kensington, and I have no excuse not to try. On top of that, I have been invited to participate in Franglish, a French-English language exchange in London. I am greeted by Pierre, who shows me to my first table. Each one in the room is numbered, and Pierre explains that the anglophones will rotate around them every 14 minutes. Glass of wine in hand, I sit down nervously. Will anyone understand me? Will I be judged? Read more.

By Julie Falconer, A Lady in London, June 27 2013

A Lady in London